Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, let's talk about sexuality in the bathroom!

Hey to all, or 'moi', as we say in Finland, I am Donho Likkanen. You may not have heard of me, but if you perhaps have been invited into the bathrooms of any wealthy people with good taste (or sometimes their bedrooms too!), you may have admired my creations. I am the foremost designer in the world today of plumbing fixtures inspired by the human form. When I say 'foremost', I mean of course, I am the most highly paid. My fixtures are not for everybody. You can see for yourself if you can afford my luxurious fittings at: of course, if you have to ask the price, it is likely you cannot, LOL!

Did you know that there has always been a historical connection between sex and bathing? Yes, it's true! From the first dawn of civilizations the bath and sexual naughtiness have always gone hand in hand, as in classical Greece, the famous Baths of Caracalla in Rome, or the modern Turkish bath. Nowadays, of course, we unfortunately cannot purchase young slaves to provide us with healthful orgasms, but with a little confidence, an open attitude, and most importantly, good bathroom design, you can enjoy the joyful expression of sexual cleanliness in its natural habitat. After all, sex is just like any other bodily function; this is the Finnish way. And here at last is a Forum to discuss these matters frankly and honestly. When I think of the word 'forum' of course I am reminded of the 'Penthouse Forum', which helped to teach me so many sexual matters of etiquette and technique in my youth--as well as my fluent, full-bodied, and well-rounded English.

I wish to apologize to all for this latest change in email address. The old mailboxes keep getting filled up, so I have to constantly be opening new accounts.

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